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The mission of Learning About Diabetes, Inc., is to provide easy-to-understand diabetes-care information to people with diabetes, the general public, and diabetes health care professionals.

Unfortunately, the kind of simply written diabetes-care information many people need is often difficult to find. The health care organizations providing most of the available diabetes education aids often include marketing and/or medical information in their programs that make the information provided more difficult to understand and remember.

Our charity focuses on one issue: creating diabetes education programs requested by diabetes educators and people with diabetes, using a format that provides only the important “need-to-know” information for good diabetes self-care. Our programs are effective because the volunteer diabetes educators who help us create them work every day helping people with diabetes. We have no committees to deal with, no legal or marketing messages to deliver, no promotions. The only thing we offer is information about good diabetes self-care that: 1) we hope will help people with diabetes better control their disease; 2) will help others learn more about diabetes; and 3) will help those helping someone with diabetes provide more effective support or care.

Independent Review

A review of Learning About Diabetes, Inc., appeared in the winter 2010 issue of “NewsFlash”, a peer-reviewed newsletter published three times a year by the Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Click here to read the review >>

The majority of the over 6,000 members of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are involved daily in the direct care and education of people with diabetes and their families.
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